A baby humpback whale swims below the ocean surface

Global leaders discussing ocean policy

Overfishing, acidification, warming, pollution, extinctions and rising sea levels: Our oceans are in critical condition. Solutions are being discussed at the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon and the G7. What steps should countries take to protect the oceans, and how would this benefit the climate?

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Ein Hurricane hat Häuser am Strand zerstört. Umgefallende Bäume liegen im Sand.

A Caribbean curse

The US weather agency NOAA has just released an alarming outlook for the 2022 hurricane season. According to the report, this year could be an especially intense hurricane year. NOAA cites climate change as the cause.

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Die zerstörte, historische Bogenbrücke über die Ahr

One year after the flood

After the devastating aftermath of heavy rain in July 2021 in several German states, cities and communities across the country are asking how to better protect themselves and adapt to weather extremes.

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Faru mit Fahrrad vor Bahn

Why we don’t have to completely do without our cars

In order to meet Germany’s greenhouse gas reduction targets, we need to change our mobility habits radically. But that doesn’t mean we have to completely do without cars. Why so many people still find that difficult – and how alternatives can become more attractive.

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A person drags a net through a meadow with flowers

The role of biodiversity in climate protection – and vice versa

Countless species of microorganisms, plants, and animals create a unique biodiversity on our planet. They also play a key role in ensuring a stable climate and the functioning of vital natural cycles. Increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions are causing major changes in ecosystems and biodiversity. How can climate protection and nature conservation be thought of as two sides of the same coin?

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Ein brauner Seggenrohrsänger (Vogel) sitzt auf langen Gräsern

Climate facts: Why we need peatlands

Peatlands store large amounts of carbon and thus keep greenhouse gases out of the air – if they aren’t drained as they have been in Germany. But the draining can be reversed by rewetting the peatlands and using them differently. It’s as big a challenge as phasing out coal, experts say. But it’s worth the effort, as our new fact sheet shows.

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Stadt in rotes Licht getaucht

Today's weather in a tomorrow's world

In 2021, record temperatures of nearly 50 degrees were reached in Canada. Asia and Europe saw extraordinary rainfall and deadly floods. Parts of Africa and South America experienced droughts. In light of climate change, the question is: How extreme will such extreme weather events be in the future?

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A person blowing their nose, with flowers and trees in the background

Climate and health

Climate change is a problem both for the environment and for human health. In a warmer world, heat, extreme weather events, allergies, and germs threaten to wreak havoc on our physical and mental well-being. The more we protect our climate and prepare for those consequences of climate change that are already unavoidable, the more we protect ourselves as well.

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Further news from Helmholtz


Royal visit from Sweden at HZB

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden as well as a group of business leaders from large corporations such as Ericsson, Nordholt, Vattenfall, ABB, Schneider Electric and Swedish representatives from the…
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Klimaausblicke für Landkreise

GERICS hat „Klimaausblicke“ für alle 401 deutschen Landkreise entwickelt. Jeder Klimaausblick beschreibt zu erwartende Klimaänderungen anhand von 17 Kennwerten wie Hitzetage, Starkregentage,…
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