Climate Initiative

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Climate Initiative

Since the beginning of industrialization, the global average temperature has increased by more than one degree. What does this mean for our climate? And for us? Can we significantly reduce greenhouse gases and thus stop global warming? Science is concerned with these and many other questions. As part of the Helmholtz Climate Initiative, scientists will advance their climate research in new research projects and network in order to research climate change systematically. We have put together information and answers on our topic page.


Mankind today faces an enormous challenge - we must restrict the causes of self-induced climate change as soon as possible and at the same time find ways to adapt to a massively changing world. Helmholtz will make new contributions to these tasks: With the Helmholtz Climate Initiative, Germany's largest research organization is conducting even more intensive research in the areas of “avoiding emissions” and “adapting to climate change impacts”.


Climate change concerns science, politics and many other areas of society. Read more about new scientific findings as well as developments and topics that are currently being discussed.

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Climate Research

Researchers at numerous Helmholtz Centers are working for a better and more detailed understanding of climate change. From this, they derive recommendations on how to slow down climate change in future or how to counteract it’s consequences.

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Climate Conference

At the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, the states agreed on a new climate agreement. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to such an extent that global warming is limited to less than 2 degrees, if possible even to 1.5 degrees. At the World Climate Conference in Paris, the request was also made to the IPCC to prepare a special scientific report.

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Press Portal

Here you can find contacts of the press and communication departments of the participating Helmholtz centers. In the list below you will find contacts for the cross-center initiatives.


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