How much warmer has Germany already become in degrees Celsius?

Since the beginning of systematic, nationwide weather records in 1881, the average near-surface air temperature in Germany has already warmed up considerably. According to data from Germany’s National Meteorological Service, the current decade was around 1.9 degrees Celsius warmer than the first decades (1881 to 1910) on record. That means temperatures in Germany have risen much more sharply than the global average.

The rate at which temperatures are rising has increased significantly in Germany (as well as across the globe) over the past 50 years. When calculated over the entire period from 1881 to 2019, it grew 0.11 degrees Celsius warmer every decade. For the last 50 years (1970 to 2019), the rate of warming was more than three times as high, with a gain of 0.37 degrees per decade. In Germany, every decade since the 1960s has been significantly warmer than the previous one.¹

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