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Cluster I – Netto-Null-2050 (Mitigation)


Synergies between Direct Air Capture Technologies and Solar Thermochemical Cycles in the Production of Methanol", Prats-Salavado, E.; Monnerie, N.; Sattler, C. (2021)

Membrane-Assisted Methanol Synthesis Processes and the Required Permselectivity", Hamedi, H.; Brinkmann, T.; Shishatskiu, S. (2021)

Rigorous and Customizable 1D Simulation Framework for Membrane Reactors to, in Principle, Enhance Synthetic Methanol Production", Hamedi, H.; Brinkmann, T. (2021)

Negativemissionstechnologien und ihre Verortung im Regelsystem internationaler Klimapolitik
Markus, T.; Schaller, R.; Gawel, E.; Korte, K. (2021)

Negativemissionstechnologien als neues Instrument der Klimapolitik: Charakterisiken und klimapolitische Hintergründe
Markus, T.; Schaller, R.; Gawel, E.; Korte, K. (2021)

Deployment of Negative Emissions Technologies at the National Level: A Need for Holistic Feasibility Assessments
Thoni, T. et al. (2020)

GERICS coordinates scientific underpinning for a CO2-neutral Germany
Steuri, B. (2020)

Project Briefings:
Structure of project 1 within the cluster I Net-Zero-2050
Thrän, D.; Mengis, N.; Mayer, M.; Steuri, B.; Oschlies, A.; Simon, S.; Borchers, M.; Görl, K. / Version #2 (10/2021)
Defining the German carbon budget
Mengis, N.; Simon, S.; Thoni, T.; Stevenson, A.; Görl, K.; Steuri, B.; Oschlies, A. / Version #2 (10/2021)

Avoided and removed emissions
Förster, J.; Mengis, N.; Schill, E.; Xiao, M.; Thrän, D. / Version #2 (10/2021)

Defining the scenario approach
Simon, S.; Mengis, N.; Görl, K.; Borchers, M.; Steuri, B.; Oschlies, A. / Version #2 (10/2021)

Overview of data sets - Part 1 // How-to
Steuri, B.; Heß, D.; Dittmeyer, R.; Dold, C.; Kalhori, A.; Vesper, J.; Yeates, C. / Version #2 (10/2021)

Klimaneutrale Stadt Karlsruhe – Bürger und Stakeholderdialoge
Groth, M.; Hacker, N.; Schill, E. / Version #2 (10/2021)

Climate-neutral Helmholtz Association
Born, A.; Köhnke, F.; Rau, B.; Rodriguez Garcia, G. / Version #2 (10/2021)

Stakeholder Activities within the NET-ZERO-2050
El Zohbi, J.; Steuri, B.; Ball, C.; Bernitt, U.; Blome, T.; Born, A.; Bruhn, D.; Groth, M.; Köhnke, F.; Mengis, M.; Schill, E.; Preuschmann, S.; Thoni, T.; Vögele, S. / Version #1 (05/2021)

Zum regulatorischen Rahmen direkter Abscheidung von Kohlendioxid aus der Luft (Direct air capture – DAC)
Markus, T.; Schaller, R.; Korte, K.; Gawel, E. (09/2020)
Scenario definition and consistent parametrization of all models
Simon, S.; Xiao, M.; Pregger, T.; Riehm, J.; Harpprecht, C.; Vögele, S.; Ball, C.; Borchers, M.; Steuri, B. (09/2020)

Cluster II – Anpassung an Extremereignisse (Adaptation)


"How Would We Cycle Today If We Had the Weather of Tomorrow? An Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Bicycle Traffic"
Galich, A.; Nieland, S.; Lenz, B.; Blechschmidt, J. (2021)

Cardiovascular Risks of Climate Change
Peters, A.; Schneider, A. (2021)

Machine learning methods to assess the effects of a non-linear damage spectrum taking into account soil moisture on winter wheat yields in Germany
Peichl, M.; Thober, S.; Samaniego, L.; Hansjürgens, B.; Marx, A. (2021)

Modeling of the German Wind Power Production with High Spatiotemporal Resolution
Lehneis, R.; Manske, D.; Thrän, D. (2021)

A brief introduction to climate change and health
Fairweather V.; Hertig E.; Traidl-Hoffmann, C. (2020)

Erfassung selbst berichteter kardiovaskulärer und metabolischer Erkrankungen in der NAKO Gesundheitsstudie: Methoden und erste Ergebnisse
Jaeschke, L.; Steinbrecher, A.; Greiser, K.H. et al. (2020)

Generation of Spatiotemporally Resolved Power Production Data of PV Systems in Germany
Lehneis, R.; Manske, D.; Thrän, D. (2020)

German Bight storm activity, 1897–2018
Krieger, D.; Krueger, O. (2020)

Modeling of the Power Generation from Wind Turbines with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution
Lehneis, R.; Manske, D.; Schinkel, B.; Thrän, D. (2020)

Temporal modes and spatial patterns of urban air temperatures and limitations of heat adaptation
Schlink, U.; Mohamdeen, A.; Raabe, A. (2020)

The role of large-scale dynamics in an exceptional sequence of severe thunderstorms in Europe May–June 2018
Mohr, S.; Wilhelm J.; Wandel J.; Kunz, M.; Portmann, R.; Punge, H. J.; Schmidberger, M.; Quinting, J. F.; Grams, C. M. (2020)