Helmholtz auf der COP

“Carbon Sequestration in Seabed Sediments: Prospects and Perils”, koordiniert vom National Oceanography Centre, mit Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR)

“Ocean Research Coalition: Scientific Coordination to Inform Ocean Sustainability Decisions”, koordiniert von CNRS, mit Toste Tanhua(GEOMAR)

"Synergies and trade-offs in climate neutral and healthy cities – How to combine adaptation and mitigation measures", mit Peter Hoffmann (GERICS) 

“The North Atlantic Carbon Observatory – A Needed Starting Point for Climate Strategies and Climate Mitigation Solutions”, koordiniert vom GEOMAR, mit Toste Tanhua (GEOMAR)

“From Science to Action: Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Pathways”, koordiniert von The Science Coalition, mit Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR)

“Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement: A Guide to Responsible, Transparent, and Inclusive Research”, koordiniert von der Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, mit Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR)

“Climate Change, Deoxygenation and Biodiversity in the High Seas and Deep Ocean: Interactions and Policy Opportunities”, koordiniert von der Scripps Institution of Oceanography, mit Andreas Oschlies(GEOMAR)

"Policy lessons from cross-sectoral global case studies tackling climate change effects on health", mit Jo-Ting Huang-Lachmann(GERICS)

"Green Hydrogen Pathways in Europe and Africa: Sustainable Cooperation for a ‘Net Zero’ Economy", mit Charlotte Unger (RIFS), Rainer Quitzow (RIFS) und Heidi Heinrichs (FZ Jülich)

Stefanie Arndt spricht am Sea Ice Day

"Early Warning, Income Diversification & Food System Transformation for Resilience Building in Africa", mit Harald Kunstmann und Andreas Fink (KIT)

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